Supercharge your ARIIX business

You are in the right place, if you are an ARIIX business owner and:
  • Are serious about making a great income from ARIIX products
  • Are new to the business or have been in the business for ages
  • Want to see results and understand the steps it takes to get there
  • Are committed to a 90-day programme that will help you to work smarter and not harder!
  • Recognise that hard work = greater success – this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme

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We want to help you to achieve great results:
  • Sell more products, increase your downline, do more in less time and have a great plan
  • Earn more – working smarter, not harder

It may seem overwhelming right now – but just by being on this website you’ve showed your desire to succeed.

Would it be useful to you to have:

  • Downloadable e-books on each of the sections?
  • Downloadable worksheets to complete to help you create your unique plan?
  • Cheat sheets for social media?Read more…

Welcome to ARIIX Business Builder

Who are we? Barbara Cox joined ARIIX in March 2016 and built a team of 50 active members and reached the rank of Senior Vice President and in April 2017, became the first European Wellness Council Representative. She puts together monthly global product webinars for the whole ARIIX field, is a regular event guest speaker on products and new product launches.

“I absolutely adore the ARIIX product range and wholeheartedly believe they are the best products available on the market.”

Hayley Meakes has over 20-years marketing experience – specialising in healthcare, pharmaceutical, education and communications. She has led teams who’ve won 4 national awards for launching healthcare products into the market – for effective marketing on a small budget and is the owner of businesses in the fitness and wellbeing space

“I love the opportunity of supporting people to make a great income from part-time hours – sharing my business and marketing knowledge.”


We love what we do and enjoy helping other people, like you, succeed in running a profitable, home-based business.

We’re passionate about human potential. We believe that everyone has infinite potential for greatness and our vision is to help you unleash yours. Maximising your potential is how we measure our success—when you win, we win.

This is so true, however, we see a major drop off of colleagues after 90 days. For many, this is due to the fact that they don’t understand the blueprint for success – now wouldn’t that be great to know?

We hope you enjoy your Ariix journey and can’t wait to celebrate your success!

3 Mindset Modules

Ariix Personal Brand

Goal Setting & Time Management
Building your Profit

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4 Method Modules

Social Media Review

Ariix Best Sellers
Marketing Action
Ariix Top Tips & Tricks

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3 Master Modules

Ariix Review Performance

Ariix Next 90 Days
Useful Forms and Templates – Free with coupon FREEGIFT  Buy Now

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Think Mindset

The modules have been divided into three key sections – Mindset, Method and Master

In Mindset, we cover the following:

Personal Branding – including what a personal brand is and why it’s for everyone, how to identify your uniqueness and your strengths, how to own your space, share your knowledge and play to your strengths and be yourself. It also helps you to identify your values and set your priorities, whilst crafting your personal brand persona.

Goal Setting and Time Management – including the importance of goal setting, defining high performing activities, leveraging your time, creating SMART goals and working toward improving your time management so that you can reach your goals quicker.

Building your Profit – including identifying your value proposition, understanding your customers needs and pain / pleasure points, creating your elevator pitch (your 20 second introduction) and understanding your business model canvas or 1-page business plan.




Get the Method

In Method, we cover the following:

Social Media Review – including how to integrate social media into the marketing mix, create a community, the types of content to share, optimum times to post and the benefits of automation.

ARIIX Best Sellers – including a focus on ARIIX best-selling products from our skin, hair, weight, energy and health ranges, We include key information on the products from health benefits to ingredients to ensure you have all the facts at your fingertips to successfully promote our product range to your customers.

Marketing Action – including how to create a plan, understanding who you’re going to target with what message and via what channel. We cover the tools you can use to work smarter, not harder, frequency of contact and how you can measure effectiveness.

Handling Objections – top tips, tricks and techniques for handling product sales and new recruits objections


The Master Modules

In Master, we cover the following:

Review Performance – performance, tips and tricks, to measure results and a checklist reviewing your performance and those of your downline.

Next 90-Days – outlining your commitments for excellence, and how to create your 90-day plan.

FREE Bonus Module  – Forms and Templates

This is a FREE bonus module to help you with your craft or home-based business. Including a Social Media Content Planner, Social Media Cheat Sheet (outlining the different sizes for graphics for all the key social media channels), My Weekly Business Planner, Your 1-Page Business Model Canvas, your 1-Page Value Proposition Canvas, a Printer’s Specification Outline and Template and a Creative Brief Outline and Template. To claim yours, order here and quote coupon reference: FREEGIFT

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